Making Risk Management Real

We have all fallen into the trap of doing insufficient risk management. When this happens at some point on our project, something bad occurs. This something was predictable, at least within a range of probabilities – worse it was often avoidable. If we had taken the time to do risk management properly we could have predicted the problem, and we could have taken action to avoid it.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - December 2011

We would like to finish the year with a roundup of the best articles we published in 2011 and the best articles we found on the web this month. Highly recommended to all corporate geeks. :)

Why Do We Need Project Managers? A Positive Justification

As project managers we spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to go about managing projects. There are books, bodies of knowledge, training courses and tools. But all of these are built on an assumption that is rarely questioned. Do we really need project managers?

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - November 2011

Our November recommendations are focused mostly on the world of corporations and management. You might expect this, considering the name of our website. However, we do have some special recommendations, including an emotional video you might not know about.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Closing or... Learning how to Learn

Project closures tend to be executed in a quick & superficial manner. People want to get rid of the project and move on to something new, as soon as possible. Unfortunately, doing this, means you are wasting a great opportunity to learn and improve. In this article, I would like to go through they key steps of a good project closure and argue that, doing this right, is key to learning and development.

Project Managers: Leaders or Managers?

If you are someone who has read management textbooks for a long time then you will have noticed, over the last few decades, the increasing emphasis on leadership skills. Successful businesses are presented as those that have great leaders. In contrast, unsuccessful businesses are often presented as those without a vision or without bold leaders. I am a big fan of leadership and have had the privilege of working with some great leaders in my career. So, it may be surprising to find that what I want to do in this article is to dispel a little of the hubris around leadership. I want to encourage leaders to be taken as role models for project managers, within limits.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Executing & Controlling a Project

The standard project management methodology does not spend too much time documenting and recommending what to do when executing a project. And this is not surprising. Executing & controlling a project is all about doing the work you planned and taking the time to step back and think about what you are actually doing, compared to your plans. There’s no need for a big framework. Let’s see how all this works together.


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