Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Planning Happiness

Two important areas in project planning are called planning quality and planing communications. In this episode, I would like to argue that they are the two most important elements that contribute to making & keeping people happy throughout the duration of the project. Let’s see why.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Planning What You Need to Get Things Done!

When you think about project planning, there are both simple and complex areas included in it. Once you get your scope planned correctly, the easy next step is to clarify what you need to get it delivered. Let’s see how it works, if you ignore for a bit the standard order of steps and think about it in your own logical flow.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: (Re)Defining Scope Planning

To continue the trail of thought about the core of project management, I would like to cover one of the most important areas in project planning: scope management. Not the whole spectrum of scope management (this would result in a huge article), just the planning side of it. When you plan your project scope, what does it really mean? I’ll try to answer this question and would love to see you to share your view as well.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - August 2011

For quite a few months now, we propose to you for reading very diverse articles on a wide range of topics. The month of August is no exception. I hope you are ready for another episode of the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: (Re)Defining Project Initiation

I keep having this dilemma for quite some time now: if I were to strip the standard project management methodology to its bones - how would it look like? Which are the core principles that keep it together and make projects run well? Here’s the first episode in a mini-series in which I will share my view on the core project management principles. And, as in any project, I will start with project initiation.

It’s Too Small to be a Project...

One of the ongoing frustrations for anyone running a project management team in a business is being asked to deliver activities which should not be considered as projects. This is particularly common when project managers or project management teams have a good reputation in a business. Whilst we all want a good reputation, with such a reputation comes the tendency for the business to dump all sorts of troubling bits of work our way. Anything which there is not an obvious home for can be dumped on the project managers. This is a tendency to be avoided!

In this article I will cover the boundaries of project management, what should not be a project and what solutions you have when you are being given work that’s not a project.

the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - July 2011

Today is the last day of July and the time for another episode of our Best of the Web roundup for corporate geeks. We have for a you a pretty diverse mix of recommendations - articles about the future of the Internet, corporate security and human errors, communication and big companies with problems. Check it out!


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