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the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks - June 2010

While browsing the internet and searching for the best blogs and articles for project managers, I got this idea of centralizing our findings in a monthly roundup, called "the Best of the Web for Corporate Geeks". Therefore, starting this month, we will publish a monthly episode which summarizes the best stuff we've found on the web. We will look both at project management articles and at articles apparently not-related which can provide value to the corporate geek.

Announcing Our First 3 Winners - Are You One of Them?

On May 15th, we relaunched our site and started a competition with prizes for our early e-mail subscribers. We chose to give away 3 copies of The Project Manager - Mastering the Art of Delivery by Richard Newton. Today is time to announce our 3 winners. Click on read more to find out if you are one of them.


Welcome to the (new) Corporate Geek - Subscribe & Win

After almost one year of complete lack of activity, I've decided it is time to give Corporate Geek a spin and remake it into something better and worthwhile. Therefore, I've partnered up with two great project managers - Richard Newton & Andreea Marinescu to relaunch the site.

This time, Corporate Geek will be a truly active site, one which aims to help fellow project managers become better at their work. To encourage you to subscribe to our site, we've also got a few prizes for our early supporters.

UPDATE 1: Prolonged the deadline for subscription to June 6th. Don't hesitate to subscribe.
UPDATE 2: The winners have been announced.



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