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Project Managers: Leaders or Managers?

If you are someone who has read management textbooks for a long time then you will have noticed, over the last few decades, the increasing emphasis on leadership skills. Successful businesses are presented as those that have great leaders. In contrast, unsuccessful businesses are often presented as those without a vision or without bold leaders. I am a big fan of leadership and have had the privilege of working with some great leaders in my career. So, it may be surprising to find that what I want to do in this article is to dispel a little of the hubris around leadership. I want to encourage leaders to be taken as role models for project managers, within limits.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Executing & Controlling a Project

The standard project management methodology does not spend too much time documenting and recommending what to do when executing a project. And this is not surprising. Executing & controlling a project is all about doing the work you planned and taking the time to step back and think about what you are actually doing, compared to your plans. There’s no need for a big framework. Let’s see how all this works together.

The Right and Wrong Uses of a Plan on a Page

There is a common tendency in business nowadays for project managers to produce a “plan on a page”. This document is often created as one PowerPoint slide. It provides, at a glance, an overview of the key activities of the project, the overall timescale, and sometimes a very high level view of the dependency between key activities. In this article I would like to share my view on how this kind of plan should be used. I hope you will all agree with me.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Cost Management Planning in Three Questions

When planning the cost of a project, you can use lots of tools and calculations to estimate things and take decisions. However, if you strip everything down to the basics, it is all about answering a few simple questions, in the simplest way available to you. For most projects (low to medium complexity), you won’t need anything else.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Time Management Planning Simplified

I want to continue our series on stripping project management to its core, with an article which tries to summarize time management planning in a series of simple questions. Answering them should give you enough information to create a good project schedule. Lets go through these questions and see if they make sense.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Evaluating Project Risk with a Few Questions

If you read through all the specialist literature, risk management planning is about creating lots of documentation, making plenty of complicated calculations and taking some decisions at the end. All this based on rather subjective evaluations. That’s why I prefer to transform this complicated framework into a small number of logical questions, which are easy to answer and powerful enough to help in creating a good risk management plan. Let’s go through them and see if they make sense.

Stripping Project Management to Its Core: Planning Happiness

Two important areas in project planning are called planning quality and planing communications. In this episode, I would like to argue that they are the two most important elements that contribute to making & keeping people happy throughout the duration of the project. Let’s see why.


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