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Measuring Projects and Change Outcomes

All business projects result in an outcome in the form of a change. In business it is important to be able to measure these outcomes. How should you approach this?
The following article is extracted from a book I published recently, The Financial Times Briefing: Change Management, and provides some thoughts on measuring change.

Examples of Poor Project Management - How Not to Involve Your Project Board & Stakeholders

Recently I've had the interesting experience of being in the project team, but not being the project manager. After gathering a few years of experience in playing the project management role, it was very interesting to simply observe how others do project management. I had the chance to learn a lot, mostly from examples of poor project management. Therefore I managed to understand even better the results of our study on the image of the project management profession and why people sometimes do not like working with project managers. In the next few weeks I will try to share my learning in short lessons, covering the things I've noticed as poor project management practice. In this first episode, I will share an example of how not to involve your project board and stakeholders.

Image of the Project Management Profession - Study Results

In September 2010, we held a survey for Project Managers and Non-Project Managers. These enabled contributors to answers questions and provide comments on the project management profession. We have long held an opinion that Project Managers and Non-Project Managers in commercial organisations have different opinions about the value of, skills of, and necessary traits in successful projects managers. We were interested to see if these hypotheses were true and if we could understand the root of this difference in opinions. To make the survey practical we kept ourselves to a reasonably short set of question, but even so we believe we have gained some interesting and useful insights.

Recessions, Projects and Opportunities

We have all gone through, or may still be going through, a tough recession. How does such a recession impact projects and what opportunities does it throw up for projects? In this article I try to answer this question.

A Quick Route to Better Project Management

How do you become a better project manager? It is bold to promise to answer this question in a short article. But my experience tells me it is promise I can keep, at least for some readers. There is one simple truth for project managers - and for that matter any manager. All successful managers apply this lesson. It is this: start every activity by thinking, briefly, why you are doing it. Never start by thinking what do you need to do, or how should you do it. That should always be the second step.

The Role of the Project Sponsor

I recently wrote an article on helping your sponsor to be a better project sponsor. I wanted to follow this up by giving my views on the role of the project sponsor. I will argue in this article that the role of the sponsor depends on the situation and the people involved and am really curios to get to know your opinion. So do click on read more and let’s have a conversation.

Helping your Project Sponsor to be a Good Sponsor

As project managers we want the perfect project sponsor. We want a sponsor who gives us space, but who is there immediately when we need them to be. We like decisive sponsors who ensure important authorisations are given without delay. We like a sponsor who is explicit in praising our work. Well, that’s the idea, except there are many terrible sponsors. Micro-managing sponsors who want too much detail, sponsors who are so difficult to get hold off that there are constant delays, indecisive sponsors who never give us useful answers, and sponsors who seem to think everything we do is poor.

In the vast majority of cases the choice of sponsor is not ours. What can we do about this?


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