Project Management

Articles on how to run projects, using project management techniques

Basic Principles in Project Scheduling

One of the things I have learned very fast is that plans are pretty useless but planning is indispensable for the success of any project. One important piece of the planning process is creating a realistic project schedule. In order to highlight its importance and the principles that should always be taken into consideration, I've created a presentation called Project Scheduling. You can check it out by clicking on 'Read more...'.

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Ideas on Successful Project Initiation and Scoping

project logoI consider the initiation phase to be critical for the success of a project. In order to highlight its importance, I created a presentation called "Project Initiation and Scoping - Simple ideas for successful project initiations”. With it I am trying to highlight what I believe are the most important elements for a successful start and the possible outcomes of not paying attention to this phase.

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